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CRIMINAL LAW: Ivory Coast's new state leader Alassane Ouattara lvoer that Gbagbo will be placed behind bars.

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Location Unknown It was not given any information about where Gbagbo was kept under house arrest.

Gbagbo was arrested Monday in the presidential residence in Abidjan.

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Sarah Ferguson was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in Chicago.According to The Guardian is also Gbagbo supporters on the rampage in the capital Abidjan.Read also: Ouattara meet a bunch of problems Refuse Ex-President shall have refused to leave the hotel room where he sits pgrepet.CATCHER IN LUXURY HOTEL: President Laurent Gbagbo are imprisoned on luxury hotel Golf in Abidjan.Photo: AFPFinally, he was still taken after French special forces moved in and made sure that the insurgency could go into the presidential residence in the city of Abidjan, which in recent months have been a war zone.Tirsdag evening attempted representatives of the UN to move him to another place, but he refused to have said a spokesperson for UN Secretary General Ifo follow the Daily Telegraph.- He would not join.

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