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I want to validate the SMO XML flowing in Websphere Enterprise Service Bus(WESB) mediation module. Also, if you can suggest any useful links to read more on this, I would appreciate that.

Is it possible to do it inside the Custom Mediation or I have to create a Java class for that? Thanks :) Custom mediation is a java class behind scene.

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Well, when designing a service, you need to consider how important it is to have valid data.

If you allow optional fields which are strongly typed, such as dates or complex types, then you could have a problem.

After that, it completely ignores invalid elements like dates, if they are marked as optional (which is the default! So a little searching around on the internet, and a little luck, and hey presto this link which is a bug fix for Websphere 7 fix pack 9.

By setting the system property "jaxws.Fidelity=true", Websphere guarantees that the message passed to the handlers is exactly that which came over the wire. So what does all this mean, in the grand scheme of SOAP things?

To test badly formed dates, I captured the SOAP HTTP Requests from the JUnit using the Eclipse TCP/IP Monitor, and modified them before resending them, with an invalid date string.

Note that to make this work, you also need to modify the HTTP header's "content-length" using the monitor, otherwise you get some very strange errors, because the stream terminates early! Compared to Glassfish, Websphere didn't do so well - it has a nasty bit of functionality built in.

Validating using a handler works fine, until your first invalid request comes in.

Then, it still works, until another valid request is processed. Well, that took a while to work out, but basically, it's optimising the incoming message by arguing that if an element is optional, and happens to be present but invalid, the invalid data can be thrown away, because it's... OK, I couldn't believe it either, but that's what it does, the SOAP handler that logs to simply had the invalid element missing.

Without adding a validating handler, it is possible that the caller could pass you optional but invalid data, and you wouldn't receive it in your web service, which is given a null reference, instead of invalid data!

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