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An Irish-American actor made his film debut in Reckless (1984), Aidan Quinn is currently married to Elizabeth Bracco, an actress . His popular movies are Elementary (2012), Legends of the Fall (1994) and Unknown (2011). He has won Sundance Film Festival - Special Jury Prize For Ensemble Cast. His first daughter is an actress Ava Eileen Quinn born in 1989 and his second daughter is an actress Mia Quinn born in 1998.

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Often the under-written boyfriend, his frustrations have been more like an actress's than an actor's.

When he has played the lead, it has been as unshowily effective support to women on overdrive, like Madeleine Stowe in the thriller Blink (1994), or Annette Bening in Neil Jordan's In Dreams (1999).

"One of my earliest memories is of refusing to say my prayers when I was four, and being caned by the brother," he says, in his gently slurring brogue.

"And I went to a Christian Brothers' school in Dublin at 13.

Quinn has also participated in charity golf events for the East Lake Foundation.

Quinn has also portrayed Paul Mc Cartney in the VH1 television drama named Two of Us.He has starred in over 50 featured films such as The Mission, Desperately Seeking Susan, Practical Magic, Song for a Raggy Boy and much more.Quinn received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for his work in An Early Frost and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.Her daughters would go, 'Ah, stop that', because they were embarrassed by her conviction. There's a heavy, hissing intake of breath, as if this goes close to the bone. Because I was so afraid of getting up and speaking.And I was 25 years old, and I thought, 'This'll be every year.' I'm 45 now, and I haven't had another nomination. Maybe it's too late now for Hollywood to give Quinn his due.He's often been the unlucky one in romantic triangles, losing the girl to bigger stars like Brad Pitt, in Legends of the Fall (1994), and Liam Neeson, in Michael Collins (1996).

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