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It’s not like you suddenly become a completely other human. And it’s coming out from you somewhere, but with the meeting of this other material that you’re working with.You're in the movie based on the Dave Eggers book, coming out this spring. Oh god, it’s almost a joke that I’m even credited in that.

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If you don’t immediately recognize Ben Whishaw, that’s probably because the 35-year old British actor has made a career of disappearing, with extraordinary grace and nuance, into a never-ending range of roles.

Since his lauded professional debut, straight out of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, as the lead in a 2004 West End production of Hamlet, Whishaw has appeared onscreen as a serial killer (2006's opening next week on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

I don’t see myself as a type, I suppose, that’s the thing.

I don’t put myself in any kind of category and I really dislike anything like that coming at me.

And Sophie and I both agreed that it’s been really good for us both. But then I never really think I’ll be doing anything. I’m sure, though, there’s lots that I didn’t really understand about marriage and love and stuff like that, which becomes so central to how we interpret it.

Given that, did you ever think you would be playing John Proctor on Broadway? I did play it at school when I was 15 in high school [in Bedfordshire, England]. It’s amazing, this play was written as a reaction to Mc Carthyism, but you watch it now and the contemporary resonance it has is so chilling.

Obviously he wrote it about a very specific situation that he was experiencing, but the specificity of that and the specificity of his feelings make it very universal.

It really could be anywhere in the world, so many horrific things that have happened in the world have probably begun in a similar way: small seeds that take on horrific power and become tragic.

And then this small incident is the seed of what becomes this horrific witch hunt which destroys an entire community.

So our work with Ivo was to make that the journey from something domestic, private, petty, even—as he said, the single error of his life, he’s never done anything else wrong ever, he’s a good Christian man—to something where suddenly he’s at the center of a whole larger problem. I don’t really like those terms, but I suppose he falls more into that than into the hero.

And his action at the end is kind of heroic; or a noble thing. I will die." Because otherwise, he’s propping up all the madness, the whole fraud of the thing.

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