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Neither the 28-year-old NFL star nor the driver of the trash-hauling vehicle wished to file a police report, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

He and his girlfriend named the baby boy “Chosen.” Today, the topic of Cam Newton’s baby was the subject of some letters to the editor at the Charlotte Observer.

They don’t have anything to say about the Chosen name, which seems to be the easiest target.

This is not the first time that the Atlanta native was involved in a vehicular incident.

In 2014, the athlete suffered two fractures in his lower back after the Dodge Ram pickup truck he was driving in Charlotte, North Carolina, flipped over near the Bank of America Stadium after he struck another vehicle.

During his 15-year career in the league, Romanowski got into trouble for his violent actions both on and off the field including the time he spit in the face of San Francisco 49ers receive JJ Stokes and how he once punched his own teammate in the face during practice, bringing the player's career to an early end.

Fumble: Newton, 1, loses the ball after being sacked by Denver Broncos' Von Miller, 58, before the ball was recovered for a Denver touchdown in the first period during the NFL's Super Bowl 50 football game The Panthers' 14-point loss marks a remarkable upset in a near-perfect season that saw them go 15-1 in regular games before beating the Seahawks and cruising past the Arizona Cardinals with a record-breaking Championship score.“All fathers can speak on — when you see life come into existence, it’s a wonderful thing.Cam Newton became a father right before Christmas, in case you missed it during the Holiday season.But everything Cam draws attention and moralizing in ways that other athletes do not.NFL RANKINGS • 54 rushing touchdowns are the most by a quarterback since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger.He called her his "longtime girlfriend" in a Twitter post after their son, Chosen, was born Christmas Eve.

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