Who is eric benet dating now

With the logistics of who I am and what I do, one of the hardest challenges was being there as much as I wanted to.

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There was a lot of fear when it came to my daughter saying she wanted to be a recording artist, and it’s still there, but she’s a lot more intelligent than I was as a kid.

I dropped out of college after two years – she’s much more academically prepared and equipped not to do that.

But ever since his breakup with Berry, he’s become a punchline for ruining his relationship with one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Jay Z’s line about Benét on dropped and people pressed play on "Kill Jay Z," they started to go wild over the Benét reference with most people assuming that Benét was sitting at home mad about what Jay said about him.

In this Urb exclusive, Eric Benet discusses the ins and outs of parenting when you can’t always be there, why censorship for young kids is so important, and the vital life advice his own daughter gave him.

Your daughter is 18 now – what would you say was the single biggest challenge in raising her? being a parent and raising a child is a multi-layered job with so many challenges and so many beautiful rewards.

Now a first-year college student, 18-year-old India is on her way to her own career in entertainment.

Should Benet be worried about what will come her way with fame?

As we mentioned, Kanye, Future, and others might have something to say, too.

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