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There are many reasons why people choose to take speed, the most significant of these is the high that they experience.

Many professionals however, depend upon speed to help them to keep up with their fast paced life.

Depending upon the purity of the speed in question the color and appearance of the drug can change as will the level of effects experienced by taking it.

There are many methods of taking speed including touching it to the gums or snorting it, smoking it, injecting it or swallowing it.

In this article we will cover a number of the dangerous side effects that accompany speed use including: psychosis, strokes, brain damage, movement disorders, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, hepatitis, HIV, fatal drug interactions and heart conditions.

Speed is an unpredictable street drug also known as methamphetamine, crazy horse, yaba, dexys, wake ups, bennies, uppers, jollies, black beauties and amph.

According to current research, speed represents the single largest growing drug abuse threat in America today.

Speed is most commonly sold as a whitish or pink powder that can also look like small crystals.As speed works upon dopamine when an individual begins to experience withdrawal from this drug they will also experience incredible levels of depression.As speed works upon neurotransmitters in the brain it can cause a significant amount of damage to the brain including cell damage.Speed users get trapped as they feed the need to chase a constant high that comes from speed use and this quickly results in financial, physiological and psychological ruin.Most commonly speed users dig themselves in to a massive amount of debt that results in them being unable to afford even basic needs.Over the years the rate of use of speed has steadily increased and as mentioned above is representative of the fastest growing drug abuse threat in America today.

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