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On screen, it was explained (in the 15th episode, The Parting) that Olivia had developed TB and needed to spend time away from home in a sanitarium.

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Richard Thomas as John-Boy had already gone, of course, and Ellen Corby as Grandma was now in a much reduced role (in fact, it was only at Will Geer's insistence that Lorimar brought Corby back at all).

(1-12) Copyright © MCMLXXIX [1979] Lorimar Productions Inc. In many ways, Season 7 is the season of change in The Waltons and marks a watershed between two different eras of the show.

Playing likeable Cindy, Leslie Winston would take her place comfortably and easily around the dinner table and remain for the rest of the show's run. Andy White departed as producer, and Rod Peterson, a former writer on the show (in partnership with his wife, Claire Whitaker), took over at the helm.

Two of the better stories this season both deal realistically with problems of addiction.

Indeed, the first episode ends with a sincerely meant (but ultimately rather artificial) segment where the individual characters pay tribute over Grandpa's (and, by proxy, Will Geer's) final resting place.

Additionally, Michael Learned had been finding the relentless grind of the production schedule arduous for some time.

The Empty Nest Episode # 7.01 (143) Written by Rod Peterson and Claire Whitaker Directed by Philip Leacock Music by Alexander Courage Broadcast September 21, 1978, CBS (UK: February 5 & 12, 1980, BBC2, in two-part version) With: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), Mary Jackson (Emily Baldwin), Helen Kleeb (Mamie Baldwin).

Guest Starring: Michael Conrad (Matt Sarver), Jay W.

The final few moments of the season are a montage of shots of the cast of the series laid over a rather long (and syrupy) poem by Earl Hamner.

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