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She is divorced and in a private relationship with a man named Ian Watts who is former US Marine Corps.(Wrong.) Yes, she was married to Anne Hayes.

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She is mostly recognized as the co- host of Eyewitness News.

She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park. Her parents got separated when she was young and she was adopted and raised by Edie House.

I think youth day is extremely relevant and an integral part of society.

Not only are we reminded about how history has shaped us. So as a mother, what I do today will influence how my children live in the future.

The guy used to tape Bad Girls for me and help me put up my massive Angelina Jolie posters - he knew! So to those who refuse to hide in the shadows, you're the bravest people out there!

🙃🙄 Publicly, well, a certain reporter who at the time worked for a certain magazine, beat me to my own public coming out party. 👭👬 For those who are too fearful to come out, of course you are, the world is filled with people who refuse to understand. As the LGBT community around the world continues to grow (publicly), so shall we continue to work at making it easier for people to come out on the daily!

Or more so, he was told by others and said he needed to ask me a question and I just answered "yes" before he could even ask because I knew what the question was going to be. It was my choice to stand on a soapbox and tell the public, not hers. Correctional rape had started to rear its ugly face 😠 It didn't ruin my career and I was in fact one of the lucky ones to have remained safe!

I remember he was so shocked and angry, even though I had had my 1st GF by this time, whom had been in our house many a time looking gay AF 😂 He knew, he just didn't want it to be true. I was about to start SYTYCD and for a moment I did fear losing my job before it had even started, because back then, there weren't many out lesbians on S. Everyday I'm thankful for this 🙏🏽 A lot of LGBT people around the world aren't as lucky as I am.

She was once linked to the most reputed personality who was Mayor of Baltimore.

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