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As general advice, if the code is getting large and nested, then its is time to learn a bit more about python since using the right methods (including, dictionaries, sets, classes, libraries) surprisingly compact code can be written.

Often python script are called by a external process, this might be a gui, and other python script or every thing else.

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To get the value of the first (and here only) value of the list you can either use the nice looking command using brackets or the class __getitem__ method: However the following shows a common pitfall.

The simple command b=a behaves differently, the list just gets a second name.

In this case you could still run your python script using on of the approaches below: Inside a python module there are global and local variables.

However a child module has its own global name space and can not access global variables of the parent module.

The parent module however can access the global variables of the child module by simply adding the child's module name as prefix (if imported this way) Variables and almost everything in python are objects. Objects have an identifier, a name (that is optional) and a value.

Some objects as integers have immutable values and result in a not obvious behavior.Therefore you need a debugger with embedded debugging support as Since Gentoo allows to have more than one python version installed and usable at the same time (like version 2.7 and its new incompatible version 3.4), there needs to be some setup that this works.When installing the Gentoo-way a python scripts they end up under Python is portable to many different CPU architectures and operating systems, however it runs only if a python interpreter is installed.To understand the logic behind, the different and many data types need to be understand in very detail. Strings have a lot of functions (or in term of object oriented programming) methods.One big change between python2 and Python3 are the way strings are handled, so the mess with character encoding in python2 seems to be solved (or has to reached a new dimension).In fact python converts the sign to the class method __add__ , but luckily hides this to human.

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