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Combine this with the fact middle-class parents have higher incomes and so were able to move into the catchment areas of the good schools and you create what is termed as the post-code lottery.

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To get a better understand of what I mean, read this BBC article here.

In the same way when you shop you look out for market signals.

Parents could now read Ofsted reports and compare exam results in the form of league tables and send their child to the ‘best’ school.

By getting schools to compete with each other so they could move up the league tables, the government thought this competition would improve results and school standards would rise.

Like consumers shop around for the best pair of jeans, parents could now shop around to seek out the best school for their child.

The reason parents’ might prefer to shop around for the best state school for their child is because there is a wide difference in what a child achieves in one school compared with another in the same area.

This has become known as the marketisation of the education system because parents are free to ‘shop’ using exam results, Ofsted reports and league table positions to find out which is the best school to send their child to.

The outcome of this was middle-class parents were more inclined to understand Ofsted reports and study league table information.

On the second day of his visit to Mali, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres travelled some 460 kilometers outside the capital, Bamako, to Mopti, where he highlighted how insecurity in the region is threatening the country’s fragile peace process.

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