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Oh to be on topic, the answer to the question I posed above is the same one I would direct to a woman I was dating if she mentioned having this surgery.

Depending on her answer (genetic or sloth), I might stick around, or simply walk out the door...

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Only good old-fashioned sweaty exertion does that (or metabolic drugs, or in your case, cosmetic surgery)One of you posted you now feel healthier, but I think you mean to say thinner, and perhaps healthier in an emotional context.

If cardio-vascular and some muscular exercise is not part of your life, you are simply thin, not HEALTHY (a thin person panting to death to climb a flight of stairs is an even sadder sight than a heavy person in my eyes...

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Would you have a problem dating a girl if you knew she had a weight loss surgery???

This surgery may not be described as cosmetic (they certainly do stress the goal is to help obese people make a longterm commitment to regaining a healthy body mass index), but it is indeed elective.

They do mention this commitment on their FAQ page which I found enlightening: Q.25 Can I expect to gain weight after several years even with the LAP-BAND? The weight loss process is long and arduous, and only by rigorously following new dietary habits, and exercising regularly, will keep the weight off.

I know some guys wouldn't date an overweight girl but what if she was loosing the weight ?? They would be on a great journey and happy when they start seeing changes... (as long as they don't talk about diet all the time.) If they just excepted it as a life style change - - - - Good times! I met a guy who lost his wife from complications of surgery.

I don't broadcast my surgery, so after several emails/phone conversations we agreed to meet.

Well I can't answer for everyone else but I can understand why you would think the way you do.....

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