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Zelda heard about the new warrior who would save Hyrule from Ganon and his minions.Unfortunately for her she learned that the hero was the same lunatic who burned Morshu's Shop.

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Everyone is pleased to see Link blossoming into manhood, and none more so than Zelda, who invites him on a romantic weekend getaway to Gamelon.

Hilarity ensues when her father, the King, bumps into them on their cheeky holiday.

It was destroyed in the fourth YTP War due to a combination of invading forces and economic collapse.

Hyrule uses jewel-shaped plastic called rupees as their official currency.

Hyrule is a central nation of the You Tube Poop world full of Elves, Goblins, Ogres, Cave Monsters, and Fairies.

The land is known for having the best Dinner ever made, but also for having consistently bad leadership, inflation and counterfeiting of Rupees, and lack of participation of citizens. Hyrule was founded by Gandalf with Don Ramon's help during the war against Sauron and his army of Glutkos.Then with no choice, Zelda gave Link an overpowered book that only required one well-aimed throw to defeat Ganon for good.Then after Ganon's defeat and his lair having been destroyed by Gay Luigi's army, Zelda congratulated Link, gave him a cigarette pack and some cocaine for him and Gwonam... As well as being arrogant and often having to be corrected, Zelda began a new and pervert personality for unknown reasons.Money being obtained so easily has led to formidable inflation with prices doubling every 8 seconds.Counterfeiting is also laughably easy, due to the fact that Hyrule does nothing to combat it.Yet Hyrule somehow hasn't descended into civil war, presumably due to the King and his Cuccos terrorising the citizens. After a century of Hyrule abusing the Canadian colonists, they revolted.

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